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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In:
Kennewick, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Frederick V. Smithson
Children/Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren: 1) Son, Eric C. Smithson, born 1978. Grandson, Kyle, born 2003. Granddaughter, McKenzie, born 2006.
2) More…Kimberly R. Smithson, born 1981. Died 1985. Bronchial pneumonia and staph infections.
3) Daughter, Sarah B. Smithson Call, born 1987. Soon to be divorced. Son of ex son-in-law, Derrick, born 2011. Grandson, Korbin, born 4-29-2014. Granddaughter, Addyson, born 5-14-2015.
Facebook/Twitter or other Homepage: View Website
LegalShield Associate (inactive Director); currently Amazon Sellers with The Wholesale Formula. LPN for 30+ years. Now: Retired Inactive.
Military Service: W.A.C. and U.S. Army  
Class Year 1969
Extracurricular activities in school: favorite activities now:

I was involved in choir at school (and at church). I enjoyed art. Was very shy (probably scared) back then. Didn't get involved in activities too much outside of home. Home was very stressful, and unfriendly. Kept me in a reserved state of mind. No love shared, so how do you survive? You learn to cope by protecting yourself. :)

I am now 69, and am over most of my fear. I have a relationship with God which has helped me greatly. I still downhill ski. I broke a rib and possibly caused some small fissures across my rib cage when I crashed on a simple hill a few years ago. My tips must have crossed or I hit an edge. I hardly ever fall. Am looking forward to skiing again if things ever open up after this C-19 fiasco. I love to swim, hike, sing (mostly at church), read, bicycle, garden, kayak (since last year), etc. I can still walk on my hands in the water, even though I'm almost 70!

School Story:

School and making relationships were hard for me. My home life was very unhappy. The stress sucked out all of my enthusiasm for anything. I barely made it thru to the end of the 12th grade. My grades were very low because I didn't study (because of depression). I even almost failed English which was my best subject. The long vocabulary lists bored me to death! However, I learned later on in life that I could get good grades when I applied myself. I averaged a 3.97 GPA in college in 2008 when I was working towards getting my RN. I did not continue because I was also helping my daughter through college. Financially, it was just getting to be too much. I stopped just short of the math requirements for my nursing pre recs. I realize now I should have put off family and finish my education. My daughter didn't even follow through after that. It was good however ti finally realize that I could have made good grades back then had I been happy and motivated. I kept a low profile and had very few friends. My mom divorced my dad (who was just as selfish) due to physical abuse. She was completely uninterested and uninvolved in my happiness, or schooling. I did participate in choir. That turned out to be a saving factor in my life. I learned how to sing while I was in the military because I had Christian records that I liked to sing with. After I married, I participated in trios, quartets, sextets, double mixed sextets, large group choirs, concerts, and more. I even formed choirs at times, and directed them (not that I liked directing). In school, I had to keep my hair short for so many years (I was told I didn't take care of it; I didn't know how!) that when I reached high school, I must have rebelled because it was quite long in my senior picture (I still need to find that picture). I kept it long for many years, but have cut it in a layered cut at times. I was just beginning to like my hair in high school. It was curly, and had a bad frizzy spot right in the middle of the back of my head! I must have used bad hair products. I'm thankful to now have healthy hair. I had crooked teeth, so was very self-conscious. I finally got them straightened in 1990. I wish I had had the courage to make more friends, but I suppose I didn't because I felt ugly. And I wasn't emotionally supported in my own home. How would my friends be accepted, and would they accept me? I was very lonely, and cried a lot when I was alone. I wish I had understood that I could have sought out a counselor or mentor, but we didn't do things like that in those days. I had three brothers and one sister. She pretty much ignored me. She preferred to be with her friends. I hung around with my brothers mostly, and became a regular tomboy. I should mention that I made friends easier with boys, than with girls. Probably due to my bad relationship with my sister.. Anyway, there was this boy in my American Problems class who sat across from me. He was so handsome. I was too embarrassed to speak in class, afraid he would notice me, and I didn't dare look directly at him. I figured he would think I was ugly (my teeth). He was on the football team, I think... Can you imagine being so introverted? Ooh, it was painful. My present friends love me and appreciate my sense of humor. :)


Once I graduated, I eventually was forced to leave home. That was the best thing that could have happened to me. I needed to grow up, and getting away from that negative environment was the start. It was very hard for many years, because I'd never had any counseling or mentoring, which I sorely needed. I didn't know what questions to ask for help and I didn't realize that I could even ask any questions. Anyway, I went into the Army, became a Clerk-Typist, traveled a bit, went to South Korea on one tour, became a Christian, met my future husband there (he was a medic), got a 3-month early out (we could get that in those days) from the Army, lived in Texas for 5 years, got my LPN certification, had my son, moved back to the Northwest, had another child (a girl named Kimberly) who died before her 4th birthday, had another child (Sarah), worked part and full time off and on while being a home-school parent, and endured a life of family, hardships, and my husband's illnesses. My kids are now grown. My son has two kids. He is divorced and lives nearby. I have two grandkids from my daughter who is going through a divorce. She and her family lived with us for two years because they had trouble finding work. Fortunately, they finally moved out two years ago last March. I think I have recovered by now... My husband is still working full-time as a Planner. We have endured extensive layoffs over the years, but not in recent years. We'll celebrate 47 years of marriage together March 10, 2021. Staying together that long requires a tremendous growth curve! I'm probably most proud of the singing opportunities God's has given me in my life. After being accepted into the Mid-Columbia Symphony choir by audition, we sang "long-hair music" with the Mid-Columbia Symphony Orchestra for about 5 years before the choir disbanded. Then I sang Handel's Messiah with the same group (most of them went to the same church together) perhaps 8 times. They had been performing it for many years. Being able to perform this beautiful music was a high point in my life. I even sang with them while I had chronic bronchitis. I was able to get rid of that. You'll have to ask me how I did it in a private message. But it never came back, hallelujah! Anyway, this year we canned, froze and dried produce from our garden all summer. It really kept me busy, but got boring at the last. We also finished siding and putting in new windows and doors on our house before fall hit. We'll continue inside renovations sometime this winter. In the meantime, we're recouping our finances and paying off Home Depot and other bills. :)

What elementary, junior/middle and high school(s) did you attend and, if not Medford, in what city were they located?

They were in Downey, California. I moved to Medford before my Senior year. Downey Senior High School; John Muir Junior High; 68th Street Elemtary School.

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Hi DeWayne. I don't know if you remember me, but I was a very shy friend. I think you went to my church, First Presbyterian in Medford, with Barbara and Duane Gaston. I would love to have an update about them.

This has been an eventful week for us. I began a new job. My daughter had her first child on Tuesday. I was supposed to sing at church this am, but coming home at 1 am after checking Sarah out of the hospital was a bit too much. They'll have to get along without me. Then, I work my first shift as charge nurse today. Whew!

Well, I hope life is treating you well. Write back sometime. :)

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